ASM Microbe Conference: Lorne & Sara

This weekend, Scholars Lorne and Sara are in Boston for the American Society for Microbiology Microbe 2016 conference! They are joined by Science Education Director P.J. Simpson-Haidaris and Program Coordinator and Interpreter Nikki Cherry. You can learn more about the conference here. We will be updating this page during and after the conference, so check back!

Sara and a pipette

Lorne, Tiffany, P.J. & Nikki taking a froyo break while waiting for posters to print

Lorn & Sara with a pipette


Lorne sharing his presentation with P.J. and Tiffany

Lorne sharing his presentation

Lorne sharing his presentation

Nikki, Streptococcus & Sara

Lorne & Sara

Lorne, P.J. & Sara

Nikki, Tiffany, Lorne, P.J. & Sara

P.J. & Lorne setting up his poster on the “Survival of Various Pathogenic Microorganisms in Surface Water and Sediments in Western New York”.

Dinner with the group!