Bridges Scholars attend VL2 Retreat

November 13-15, 2014: NTID’s Bridges Scholars at the VL2 Student Retreat @ Gallaudet University! Over 30 students attended the VL2 Student Retreat. A welcome address was given by Dr. Tom Allen and a special video from Dr. Laura-Ann Pettito. Students received training in various workshops such as linguistics, neuroscience, language assessments, and many more! A special thanks to those who fuzed in to share VL2’s Strategic Focus Areas and the individual studies within them. The retreat ended with a wonderful closing from Dr. Clifton Langdon and Dr. Peter Hauser who charmed the students with wonderful advice on how to survive academia and ethics related to researching deaf populations....

URMC Cancer Symposium

Gloria Wink had a crowd for her Poster Presentation at the URMC Cancer Symposium on November 13, 2014.