Bridges Cohort 2014-2015: Lorne Farovitch

My name is Lorne Farovitch. I was born in Vancouver B.C., Canada and grew up in Arizona. My wonderful deaf parents raised me along with two hearing siblings. I went to Arizona Schools for the Deaf and Blind because my parents wanted me to have full access to learning through American Sign Language. After graduating from high school, I went to Gallaudet University and graduated with two degrees in Biology and Chemistry. I am fascinated with science. Science has many different and interesting areas that I was not sure about until I saw the Rochester Bridges to Doctorate Program.

The Bridges Program is perfect for me because it helps me narrow down to an area of science that I am most interested in. Currently, I am a graduate student in environmental science and am interested in doing research on the survival of various pathogens in surface water, sediments, and soils.